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About Us

Announcing new editions to the CCH fleet.  Just arrived are brand new solar powered lighting towers.  These units use no fuel, no oils, no hydraulic fluid and emit no noise.  They are very green friendly and with the average diesel powered lighting tower using around 2 litres of fuel per hour and running an average of 14 hours per night in winter using the solar powered units could save you around $300 per week in diesel costs alone.  Plus the saving of man hours in refuelling and overtime to turn on/off etc.

We are very proud of our 20T + excavator range as they provide options to our customers as we continue to work with them providing solutions to onsite and planning challenges.  These units are available for short and long term hires and for more information please call us on 6299 3551 or on mobiles 0437 29 77 33 for Jace, 0432 479 960 for Damian.

We also have updated our fleet with Atlas Copco generators.  From 14kva upward these are perfect for running your site complex, event requirements or any other temporary power requirement.  Great fuel economy, push button start and fitted with both single and 3 phase outlets as well as buzz bar options.

Civil Construction Hire was formed in the Canberra/Queanbeyan area to service the markets of those regions and throughout Southern New South Wales extending through the South Coast to the Victorian border.

Civil Construction Hire is a diverse and professional company based in Queanbeyan NSW providing solutions to customers equipment hire needs.  Civil Construction Hire can provide equipment hire solutions for all industries from Civil through to building construction to government organisations.  Civil Construction Hire also provides pipe testing and proving for these industries and has an extensive range of ground engaging tools for a large range of equipment up to and including Bulldozers and large Excavators.  In addition to the ground engaging tools Civil Construction Hire also provides an extensive range of filters for all construction equipment including drill rigs and trucks as well as items such as silt fencing, star pickets, warning tape etc.

Civil Construction Hire (CCH) is providing equipment to a large amount of construction projects throughout the Southern NSW region including supplies to government agencies including local councils.  CCH has an understanding of the diverse issues and challenges that exist with construction projects including the importance of health, safety and environment.  CCH are also aware of issues around trenching, pipeline testing, soil retention strategies, equipment reliability and the need to have the supply of the right equipment, right time, every time.

CCH has the skills and experience to help you manage your project from concept to successful completion through the provision of equipment, filters, teeth, blades, PPE, and consumables.  CCH can offer assistance through our extensive experience in this field and can help you with advice on what strategies can be implemented to manage your hire equipment supply, specifications on what equipment is best suited for particular tasks, or just offering support and assistance where required.

As proven professionals in our field we will assist you to professionally manage those diverse and complex issues that are typically associated within the construction industry.